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30th May 2014

Faujnet, making Armed Forces veterans compatible for corporate hires

Serving the country as part of the defense forces has its own set of joys and sorrows. The professionalism, the discipline, the courage and the maturity of a soldier in uniform are some things which people admire and wish for in their own organizations.

23rd December 2015

FaujNet, A Startup Promising Safe And Secure Retired Life For Military Personnel

The civilian corporate world knows the fact that Armed Forces personnel are great assets, but fail miserably to find the right fit. While at IIM Lucknow, Capt Venkata Ramana identified a serious lack of online career resources for transitioning services personnel and for Veterans who were already in the Civvy Street. In the process he founded FaujNet.com, a Web based screening and assessment platform connecting the industry and military veterans.

11th September 2015

Military talent for industry

There is no standardised employment communication platform between military talent and coporate requirements.

6th June 2014

Looking to Hire Ex Defense Personnel? Faujnet is Your Best Bet

The Indian armed forces churns out some of the best trained people in the world. And they are often in demand even after the complete their service. But it isn't very easy to find them, unless you go through specialized recruitment agencies.

29th April 2014

Job Site for Military Veterans

While former military personnel can be great assets to any organization, most companies face difficulties in hiring military veterans and most veterans face difficulty in finding the right job.

4th March 2014

ArthaYantra Ties-up with Faujnet to Provide Financial Advice to Over 3 Lakh Armed Force Personnel

ArthaYantra.com, India’s largest online personal finance advisor and Faujnet.com today announced a strategic partnership for the Armed Force Personnel. The partnership would help the companies to provide financial advice services to the highly under-served Armed Force Personnel segment of the market. As per the arrangement members of Faujnet would get automatic access to services of ArthaYantra.

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